His Majesty - Doberman!
The name of the breed alone evokes a feeling of awe, respect and admiration. Beauty, grace, fearlessness, vigilance, courage - with these words, for sure, any owner of a wonderful…

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Doberman. Breeding
The modern European Doberman is a wonderful healthy animal with a magnificent character. Over the past 20 years, the breed has become very popular. But every medal has a flip…

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Doberman: you just got a Doberman puppy
In every puppy, the instincts of play, struggle, prey, and also the instinct of scent are born from birth. But these qualities require compulsory development. It is much easier to…

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“New Russian” Doberman

Almost all dog breeds cultivated in the USSR over the past decades, today are changing their “face” improving type, exterior, behavior; In breeding, new producers are used, representatives of the best plants in the world. Most breeders voluntarily and enthusiastically seek to obtain modern type offspring from their dogs that meet the requirements of FCI international standards.

The global “restructuring” in the Dobermann breed that began in the late 80s in Russia reminds me of the situation in which the East European Shepherd (VEO) breed was previously found. At that time, I worked as a senior livestock specialist in the Moscow City Club of Service Dog Breeding (MGKSS) and, as a service, talking with owners of dogs of all service breeds that our club was breeding, I witnessed the changes taking place in the breed of VEO.

Imported “German” shepherds (mainly from the German Democratic Republic, Poland, Czechoslovakia) were occasionally introduced into the breeding of VEO before, but the addition of their blood was purely symbolic in nature, neither the type nor the exterior of the VEO changed significantly. Continue reading

В гостях у питомника доберманов “Tahi-Reme”

At the request of the Doberman magazine, I asked several questions to the owner of the nursery, Erica Sokol.

– A few words about Tahi and your family.

– Tahitotfalu – a small town with a population of 300,000 inhabitants located on the Danube River, 25 km from Budapest. The river divides the village at the bottom of the part. Tahi is a very beautiful hilly area, it is a popular holiday destination. In summer, many vacationers from all over Hungary come here for the weekend. We live in a large private house with a huge garden, it is ideal for keeping and kennel a large number of dogs. We like to live in this cozy rural place, which at the same time is located very close to the capital. We have two children – 12-year-old Adam and 10-year-old Christian, they, like us, love dogs, they grew up next to them.

In 1981, a puppy, a Doberman bitch, was presented to us for a wedding. It was our first dog, which, frankly, did not differ in its outstanding exterior, but we loved it very much. Once we drove her to an exhibition. The atmosphere of the exhibition made a great impression on us, and since then we have not missed a single Hungarian dog show. Two years later, in the litter of the first dog our champion was born. Continue reading

Doberman through the eyes of the owner

If you remember the proverb that “do not drink water from your face”, then you will agree with whatever beautiful or highly pedigree dog is – we don’t live with the exterior and the pedigree documents, but with her soul and her character. Therefore, in order to get to know the Doberman from the inside, to find out his family portrait, 29 owners of dogs of this breed were interviewed. The presented results, as it seems to the author, can characterize not only the features of existing dogs, but also reflect the likelihood of manifestation of signs of varying degrees of severity in your puppy, in your future dog.

Aggressiveness. Dobermans are characterized by weak (occurrence of 44.8%) and moderate (34.5%) aggressiveness towards dogs, which allows them and their owners to coexist quietly in dog companies.

Half of the dogs (51.7%) are characterized by a lack of aggressiveness towards children, but it is weak in 27.6% of dogs, in moderate – in 13.8%, and a significant degree of severity – in 6.9% of dogs. Continue reading

Preparation of the “exhibition bag”

Given these details, you should choose comfortable shoes (athletic shoes, such as sneakers, non-slip soles) or rubber boots (if the exhibition takes place outdoors in rainy weather); wear a tracksuit or a comfortable suit for the weekend. Believe me, it’s very difficult to run next to the dog in a narrow skirt and stilettos, or to leave the exhibition in white trousers covered with dog hair and in greasy spots (even if the dog is cleanly washed, it has a thin greasy layer on its coat that provides protection and shine )

In addition, you should prepare psychologically for the competition … The leash is an excellent guide to feelings and emotions – if you are nervous and unsure of yourself, the dog will immediately feel it and will be just as excited, naughty …

A little “stress” can be “woken up” by a melancholy animal, and, on the contrary, you should talk to a dog that is easily excitable, as calmly as possible, gently caressing it to maintain its serene state until the end of the exhibition. Sometimes it is required to sharply pull the dog dry and firm “no!” and a jerk of a leash to stop the slightest manifestation of excessive stubbornness or nervousness at the root. Continue reading

Dog owner training

When at least one exceptional dog is present in the ring, surpassing in all respects the best representatives of one generation, judges can significantly underestimate the ratings of other dogs (even if they were previously rated quite high), but this should not be a reason for scandal: against the background of the best, even good fades.
In addition, from exhibition to exhibition, dogs can have a different “shape”, and handlers can show them to the judges better or worse; it should also be remembered that each expert interprets the standard in his own way, attaching great importance to one or another characteristic as the same musical score is interpreted differently by different performers, although they all scrupulously follow the instructions of the composer.

One should not be surprised at the different evaluations of the dog at various exhibitions: a high rating at one exhibition can be called into question at the next, and this is precisely the interest in participating in exhibitions again and again. If the result were predetermined, there would be no reason to visit the exhibition more than once. Continue reading

The Doberman Club
Among other things, the breed is also forced to change by inter-examination conducted at almost all central exhibitions in the country, of course, when we entrust it with authoritative, world-famous…


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