If you need to buy a Doberman puppy, read this article carefully. In it we will indicate the main points that you need to pay attention to when choosing a…

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Education and training Doberman
Doberman is friendly towards familiar people and animals, very devoted to the family and loves children. He is temperamental and alert. A properly trained dog demonstrates high working qualities, and…

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DOBERMAN IN MOVEMENT The Doberman was originally bred for protection and maintenance (the creator of this breed, Friedrich Louis Dobermann, served as a tax collector). The breed found its application…

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Dog show – what is it?

Your Doberman is becoming more and more beautiful, sociable, learned the right stance, learned to groom and run next to you (as the conditions for holding exhibitions require). You burn with impatience to record it at the next exhibition. He is ready for a “battle.” And you? Are you prepared as well? What else do you need to cook? Are there any additional “tricks” to make the dog even more beautiful in order to increase its chances of winning?

Dog Show … – what is it ?! Most people think that a dog show is a performance, a performance during which the owners of the best dogs are presented with colorful ribbons, badges, medals and prizes.

Doberman guards the owner, photo photo Dobermann’s nursery “Askania”

Moreover, the owners of the winners are extremely proud of the success of their pets. For many dog ​​lovers, this is a competition, a sharp struggle with her emotions and emotions for the only place that is worth the struggle and the first experience. Continue reading

Doberman. Breeding

The modern European Doberman is a wonderful healthy animal with a magnificent character. Over the past 20 years, the breed has become very popular. But every medal has a flip side: popularity does not always contribute to the improvement of the breed.

It is encouraging, according to the author, that under the influence of a set of tough measures (health research and testing) taken by the German Dobermann club (DV.e. V.) and the International Doberman club (IDC) (President Mr. Hans Wiblishauser), the number of animals allowed for breeding is significantly limited.

To protect the breed from the so-called breeders who, speculating on its popularity, are in a hurry to satisfy their short-term commercial interests and are practically not engaged in breeding, but in the “mass reproduction” of Dobermans (with all the ensuing consequences), a series of tests has been developed in Europe in the main areas of research : Continue reading

Doberman Training

The published expert advice, like many other recommendations, are general in nature, are an account of the basic principles, methods of practicing one or another skill. For example, they are ideal for training puppies whose parents are of excellent character, have passed rigorous and complex tests, are well trained, as these puppies genetically inherited a strong character, strong nerves, courage and courage. If we are dealing with puppies timid, unsure of themselves, or your contact with the puppy is not very close, you need an individual approach, a softer and more sparing mode of education. It is better if the puppy at the beginning of the “primary education” does not feel the sharp differences between the game, the usual communication and training. Educate playing, play educating.

For someone who intends to compete with his dog, it is very important to teach her how to bark as soon as possible. This is necessary when detecting an attacker or identifying the victim. At first glance, it may seem that it is more convenient for everyday life to have a dog that is silent on command, rather than barking. But no! In order to raise a civilized dog that will remain silent under any circumstances (or after the first demand of the owner: “Keep quiet!” It is necessary for her to understand: “keep quiet” means “do not bark”, and for this you should first teach her to bark on command. There are two ways to work out this command. Continue reading

How to handle a dominant dog?

Many people, including experienced trainers, misunderstand the essence of the problem of dominance in dogs. They believe that dominance can only be suppressed by force. Just crush the dog and end it! here is a common approach to the problem. In most cases, this approach is incorrect. In addition, many believe that dominance is a problem only in dogs of large breeds and are mistaken. For example, a large dog is able to send you to the hospital, the small of your child. Dominance in all its manifestations must be fought, and if the dominant dog cannot be completely subordinated, then it must be controlled no matter what size the dog is.

Doberman on the sleeve, photo dog training photo
Doberman. Grip on the sleeve. © Photo by Julia Boldinova
Dogs are pack animals, and the best way to learn more about dominance is to study pack behavior. For this, the study of the behavior of dominant individuals in wolf packs should be used first of all. In a wolf pack there is always a dominant pair of animals, which, without entering into direct confrontation with the rest of the pack, maintains a leading position exclusively with the help of various skillful tricks. The main role in maintaining a dominant position in the pack is played, in particular, by body position and posture. Continue reading

Caring for an old Doberman

Make the life of your old Doberman as carefree as possible, while very little is required of you – sufficient quantity and quality of food, comfort, warmth and company.

Vision. Doberman’s vision deteriorates with age, as well as a number of eye diseases. If the dog’s vision has deteriorated to a large extent, try to maintain the familiar atmosphere in the house. Try not to move the furniture without any need and when taking the dog out for a walk, put on a leash on it.

Hearing. For some Dobermans, hearing decreases significantly over the years, but by this age your companion has to execute not so many commands, since he has already adapted to do what you want from him out of habit. Of course, you must take extra care of the dogs that are hard to see and hard of hearing while walking and in unusual situations. Continue reading

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