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Doberman – breed history

Doberman – included in the nine breeds, proudly bearing the title of “service dog.” They are used by the military and police. At home, he will become a good watchman. Dobermans Pinchers are the best bloodhounds and even placed in the Guinness Book of Records as the best “detectives”. More suitable for active people who are not sitting still.

Doberman – breed history
The history of the Doberman Pinscher breed is shrouded in a veil of secrecy. Inveterate dog breeders disagree, because each of them relies only on rumors and assumptions. The breed is quite young, it was formed in the XIX century, approximately in the mid-70s.

This breed of dog got its name from a German named Friedrich Dobermann. Initially, the breed was to be called the Thuringian Pinscher (due to Thuringia, in which it was bred), but, after the death of Frederick, the dogs were called “Doberman Pinscher”. To “Doberman” was reduced in the middle of the XX century.

Friedrich was not a professional dog breeder, so when breeding this breed he acted at random. He tried to cross different breeds of dogs. In this case, completely unusual puppies were obtained. Friedrich did not live up to the official recognition of his labors, but shortly before his death he managed to breed a dog very similar to modern Dobermann pinschers.

Doberman – IFF classification
IF classification


2. Pinschers and schnauzers, Molossoid breeds, mountain and Swiss cattle dogs


1. Pinschers and Schnauzers


Doberman – appearance
All Dobermans have an excellent muscular physique. Muscles in the lumbar region, shoulders, legs, and neck are well developed. They have an ideal (medium) spinal structure. The height at the withers of this breed in males is from 65 centimeters to 72 centimeters, while in females from 63 to 66 centimeters. Weight ranges from 40 to 45 kg in males, and from 32 to 35 kg in females.

Doberman Pinchers are characterized by a free and graceful step. This is due to the fact that the hind legs extend slightly back (this gives a certain strength for the jump). At the same time, the front legs go forward, because of this the movement of the legs of the dogs runs diagonally. All this gives aristocracy and elegance to this breed.

They have a short and stiff coat, but at the same time quite thick. Mostly have a dark coat color (black, brown), but some individuals have a bluish tint.
Doberman character
Dobermans are very energetic and friendly. From birth, Dobermans have a very inquiring mind. Because of this, dogs of this breed can often be found in police departments, law enforcement agencies and other similar departments.

Doberman Pinscher is a very true creature. He will never betray his master and will always be with him. Dobermans Pinschers are fearless. If they enter into a fight with someone (which they do not do without cause or command of the owner), then they will fight until the very end. For the sake of his master, he will go both to fire and to water.

It is believed that Dobermans are extremely evil dogs. This is by no means the case. Yes, they have innate aggression, but it can be directed in the right direction. It all depends on training, discipline and, of course, on the owner himself. They will not attack anyone without good reason. Doberman is rather angry with strangers, people: he grimaces, grumbles.

However, a trained Doberman can stop doing this with only one word from the owner. And thanks to his observation, he will be able to prevent unforeseen incidents. Outwardly, he is unwavering, but if his “leader” is in danger, he becomes completely unpredictable. Dobermans are great housekeepers. They are always on their guard and carefully monitor what is happening.
Doberman Training
From the first meeting of the owner with the Doberman, the dog must be kept with “hedgehogs”: wean from taking food from your hands, show the place, stop the expression of aggression in the bud.

Due to its developed intelligence, Dobermans are well trained. But training should be taken carefully. They should be methodical and active. During training, the owner must show his ward that it is the person who is the main one. If this is not done, the dog may begin to dominate, as it has a high intellectual level. This breed of dog loves to dominate. This is inherent in them at the genetic level.

Doberman requires a lot of attention to himself. Constant training, walking – this is an indispensable part of life. Dobermans stand out among stubborn dogs and recognize the owner only after training. However, strong-willed, demanding people can cope with the training of their dogs themselves.

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