Doberman Pinscher
The Doberman Pinscher breed of dog appeared as a result of the experiments of a single person who, in fact, was not even going to create so popular and famous…

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Doberman Training
The published expert advice, like many other recommendations, are general in nature, are an account of the basic principles, methods of practicing one or another skill. For example, they are…

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Caring for an old Doberman
Make the life of your old Doberman as carefree as possible, while very little is required of you - sufficient quantity and quality of food, comfort, warmth and company. Vision.…

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Buying a Doberman Puppy

Who should have a Doberman

Before you get a dog, you should understand why it is needed. Doberman is best for you if you want love, loyalty, respect and understanding from an animal. Doberman has another indisputable advantage – he is able to reliably protect the apartment from uninvited guests. Doberman will always be a reliable friend and protection for his master.

When buying a dog, consider how your relatives will relate to it. Those around must show maximum tolerance towards the animal.

It is worth immediately evaluating whether you will have enough time to care for the dog. A puppy, like a child, needs competent education. A young dog should walk at least four times a day, but an adult Doberman should not be left locked up all the time. Walking should take at least an hour a day. The dog should be started by people who adore spending a lot of time in the fresh air. Do not start a dog for those who have too little living space. The dog is better than other animals able to feel the mood of people and a negative situation will cause her aggression.

Many believe that a Doberman is a nervous dog that is difficult to get along with. In the last century, the handsome was even called the devil’s dog. We hasten to inform that such a point of view has developed only among people who are not familiar with this noble bold breed.

Doberman is active and requires active entertainment from his master, so phlegmatists are not recommended to have such a dog.

First you need to decide who you want to see in your apartment: a girl or a boy. If there are children at home, then it is better to take a girl a puppy, as she will protect them better than any dog. Bitches are much more affectionate and choose from among all family members only one person who will be its owner. However, the sex of the dog is not so important. What matters is how you are going to relate to the dog.

If you have unequivocally and unconditionally decided to have a Doberman in your house, you should once again think carefully about why you need a dog. Do you just dream of a pet, companion and friend of the family or deep down you want to be the master of the star of the ring, a dog that will be known and recognizable “in the face” by many, often completely strangers?

In newspaper ads, you can often come across these words: Brid, Pat, or Show puppies are sold. “Pat” is a pet, a thoroughbred dog, which for some reason can not take part in breeding and exhibitions. These reasons should be announced to you by her seller. “Breed” is the name of the backbone of a breed of dogs that have all the characteristics of a breed, an excellent exterior, that carry good blood involved in reproduction. And the dogs of the “show” – class – these are dogs with a beautiful exterior. They are not born in every posterity and really are the pearls of the Doberman breed. The puppy’s cost will also depend on all these factors.

Regardless of whether you have a desire or not, to make a puppy a real champion (leader), producer or bodyguard from your puppy, the puppy you bought should grow up a healthy, courageous dog with a wonderful psyche.

Parents of the puppy must take a course of general obedience (OKD) and a course of protection and protection (ZKS, SS, IPO, etc.). Of course, the presence of all this does not give one hundred percent certainty that the puppy will be endowed with the best working qualities, but the likelihood that you will bring a puppy to your home from which a timid, cowardly dog ​​will grow is significantly reduced.

Choosing a Doberman Puppy

When choosing or already buying a Doberman puppy, it is best to contact the dog breeder himself in the pedigree nursery in order to be able to personally see his entire litter. After all, it is not a secret for anyone that often male Doberman dogs, and besides champions, are knitted with bitches of different quality, and there is absolutely no guarantee that all born puppies will go to father. Owners of excellent Doberman breeding females greatly value their dogs and their reputation in order to knit their pet with some mediocre, ordinary dog.

But here a person may encounter another extreme: in pursuit of material enrichment, owners bitch a bitch with each estrus, which very badly affects both her health and the quality of newborn dogs. Care should be taken in advertising phrases: “gives wonderful offspring.” It will be useful to see with your own eyes this already born high-quality offspring and make sure of its exhibition evaluations.

It is best to get a Doberman puppy at the age of not earlier than a month and a half.

The next thing you need to do is make sure that the puppy is completely healthy. The defects of this breed are: bright eyes, bent limbs and white spots. Examine your puppy for a hernia. A hernia is not his defect, but its presence is not desirable.

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