Dog breed doberman
It is traditionally believed that the Doberman is an aggressive and dangerous dog that should be bred as a pet only after serious thought. Especially if you have a family.…

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Education and training Doberman
Doberman is friendly towards familiar people and animals, very devoted to the family and loves children. He is temperamental and alert. A properly trained dog demonstrates high working qualities, and…

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Friedrich Louis Doberman
"It is still unclear whether the removal of the Doberman is the result of ingenious selection, or is it pure coincidence." Ernst Wilking. The founder of the breed is Friedrich…

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The setting of the Doberman ears is a rather painstaking process. To put ears, sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience. Beautiful ears are the pride of the Doberman, and, of course, its owner.

It is recommended to stop the ears from a Doberman at the age of 1.5 to 3 months. It is very important that the operation to stop the ears performed by an experienced specialist. So it is necessary that this cosmetic operation is safe for the puppy, and also to choose the shape of the ears (configuration) and the desired length, which would be in harmony with the head of the dog. Unfortunately, one often sees very beautiful Dobermans with terrible ears. This is the result of the fact that the breed’s specialists did not stop the ears of the puppy.

Doberman’s ears can get up at the age of 3 months, but there are times when you have to glue them from time to time up to 1 year. The duration of ear placement depends on the correct ear cropping, the length of the cropped ear (so long ears will have to be set longer), the puppy’s heredity, thickness of the ear and cartilage, proper nutrition of the puppy, and of course on your work on ear placement. The main thing is to be patient and do not quit until you achieve the desired result.

There are many ways to set your ears, so each breeder has his own secrets.

Your attention is invited to an article from the Doberman magazine on the setting of ears. It is this technique that many Doberman owners use.

Based on materials from Doberman magazine 6/98 (V. Kuzin)
When buying a Doberman puppy at 2-3 months of age, we get it in a “kit” with the initial medical procedures. The puppy is vaccinated, his tail and ears are stopped. And if new owners usually have no problems with the tail, then with the Doberman’s ears it is necessary to work carefully and for a long time, and most importantly, to work correctly, so that after stopping, they can be accurately positioned in the desired shape. It is no secret that correctly cropped and set ears always adorn the head and appearance of the Doberman as a whole. I would like to give some practical advice on ear placement, starting from the first day of stopping them by a veterinarian-cosmetologist.
First, get a special “crown frame” – a lightweight metal construction that is necessary for setting the ears, but more so for shaping the ears. The seam, which is formed when the ear is circumcised, which is, in fact, “stopping”, healing, tightens the edge and deforms the ear, not allowing it to stand. Until complete healing, the trimmed edge is best treated with a solution of brilliantin – “brilliant green”. To install the “crown” you will need two strips of adhesive tape 13-15 cm long, an elastic bandage, a medical bandage, cotton wool.

Crown preparation
The crown is a metal, quite durable structure that you:

1. First try on and adjust to the size of the head, if necessary, bending or unbending that part of it that is worn on the head. (Photo 1,2)

2. Then you should wrap the metal base with an elastic (or simple) bandage (with cotton wool) so that the metal does not injure the scalp, adjusting the “crown” to the size of the puppy’s head if necessary. (Photo 1, 2)

3. Then, from a regular bandage, you make a tie strap that helps hold the crown on your head. You can use a wide (1.5 – 2 cm) tape or elastic band, fixed on both sides. Putting this design on the puppy’s head, you take one ear by the tip and effortlessly pull it to the upper lath of the crown, glue one half of the patch strip to the inner surface of the ear, then draw the strip through the upper strap and glue the second half to the outer surface, while carefully press the patch, thus fixing it along the entire length. Do the same with the second ear, making sure that the tips of the ears are at the same level and the crown “sits exactly.” (Photo 3.4, 5.6, 7, 8)

4. After that, tie the strap under the throat, but not tight. In the crown, the puppy can walk for 7-8 days, then remove it and let the ears rest for one two hours and repeat the whole procedure again. (Photo 9). After the sutures have been removed and the edges of the ears have completely healed, you can abandon the crown and proceed with gluing the ears.

Hydrogen peroxide, soft paper towels, two tampons (for example, “Tamrah”), adhesive tape with a width of 2.5 cm on a cotton basis.

First, cut and spread 9 strips of adhesive tape: two 5 cm, four 25 cm, two 10 cm, one 30 cm all sizes are approximate, it all depends on your dexterity and the actual length of your puppy’s ear.

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