The Doberman Club
Among other things, the breed is also forced to change by inter-examination conducted at almost all central exhibitions in the country, of course, when we entrust it with authoritative, world-famous…

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Species of Dobermans and similar breeds
It is important to know what distinguishes two types of Dobermans - American and European. But here the views of dog breeders diverge, as some believe that the difference between…

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Regulation on the procedure for conducting tests and competitions under the "Guard Service" program
KSU official program General Provisions KS is a classic international test and competition program for guard and guard dogs. The history of the COP has more than 70 years. It…

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Doberman character
Doberman is friendly towards familiar people and animals, very devoted to the family and loves children. He is temperamental and alert. A properly trained dog demonstrates high working qualities, and with great pleasure.

The doberman’s inflated or nervousness is the same myth as his malice. But, like any myth, it has a basis under it. Doberman is a lively energetic dog that is sensitive to everything that happens around. The habitat plays a huge role in shaping the character of the puppy. If the family is constantly quarreling, contention, and the owners then express their irritation on the dog, then cloyingly affectionate with it, you can be sure that there the dog will grow up an unbalanced animal.

Do not start a Doberman to phlegmatic people who prefer to spend free time in a TV chair, or those who do not have enough time for walking with a dog. Doberman, especially young, needs physical activity and active walks, the lack of which will not only affect the shape of the dog, but also turn into leprosy and importunity at home.
Initially, the Doberman is a balanced dog, and with proper upbringing, readily reveals all the best sides of his soul. It is very pleasant to communicate with a dog that is sensitive to changes in the mood of the owner, to the strict intonation of the voice. Doberman is characterized by a need for work, his enthusiasm is inexhaustible! He is constantly ready to learn something new. Doberman combines obedience and hard work with a protective and combat instinct. His great need for contact, efficiency and enthusiasm for achieving all new goals make almost everything possible for the Doberman!

Doberman is a creature not only social, but also intellectual, which creates some problems when the owner of this dog becomes, well, to put it mildly, not a very smart person. Doberman replayed him easily, and easily becomes a leader in the family. In this case, both sides suffer. The owner, unable to cope with the dog, of course blames the breed, and not his inability, and as a result, instead of the joy of communicating with a friend, has constant problems. It turns out like a proverb: “together closely, bored apart.” People become attached to the dog, do not want to part with it, but by their inept handling spoil the character of the Doberman and his own life.

Many things have been given to the Doberman, which makes him a dog not for everyone, but at the same time gives him an attractive force that increases the number of his fans in our country and abroad. Doberman is an ideal companion dog: wise, strong, thin and beautiful. This is a dog to be proud of. At home, Doberman attracts with his intelligent manners. When traveling, it is a pleasant and reliable companion. On walks, the Doberman keeps you in his field of vision, showing constant vigilance.

Doberman is good both as a working dog and as a participant in exhibitions, meeting any interests of its owner. In general, the Doberman prefers to be busy with something, since his intellect needs a load.
In general, in the person of a Doberman you will find one of the finest breeds in the world. Respect your dog, be proud of it, love it and enjoy its company!


Doberman Training

Doberman training is a pleasure! He works with hunting, passion and passion. This is one of the main character traits of the Doberman. He is happy already because he has done a great job, and his owner is satisfied.
Why do you sometimes have to watch unhappy couples when the Doberman (with his temperament!) Breaks off the leash, looking for “enemies” around, and the owner makes considerable physical efforts to restrain his pet. Or the dog rushes around, not paying attention to the sad calls of its owner. The answer is simple. Doberman, unlike poetry, does not grow “like a dandelion at the fence.” Left to his own devices, devoid of physical and mental stress, the Doberman becomes uncontrollable.

Raising a Doberman puppy

In the first year of his life, the Doberman must determine his place in the pack and recognize the authority of the leader – his master. The dog objectively needs a leader, behind whose back she feels comfortable and comfortable. Yes, a Doberman puppy is fighting for leadership in the family, but winning it ultimately loses. The dog must have a worthy master, to whom she will obey willingly and joyfully. A puppy, to whom everything is allowed in the house, does not become happier from this. Most likely, he will grow up moody and hysterical. Equal friendly attitude, reasonable exactingness and patience are the key to long happy years for both parties.
Doberman is distinguished by intelligence and understanding. These positive qualities can turn into their opposite, if the puppy feels that he is in charge of the family, that it is not necessary to fulfill the requirements of the owner. Therefore, the main thing in raising and training a puppy is patience and firmness combined with affection.

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