Buying a Doberman Puppy
Who should have a Doberman Before you get a dog, you should understand why it is needed. Doberman is best for you if you want love, loyalty, respect and understanding…

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Little Doberman at your home
It happened! Finally, you have already decided on the breed and decided to stay on the Doberman. Well, a great choice, especially if you live in a spacious apartment or,…

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Caring for an old Doberman
Make the life of your old Doberman as carefree as possible, while very little is required of you - sufficient quantity and quality of food, comfort, warmth and company. Vision.…

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“Guard-guard service” (applied edition)

The program was prepared by the working committee of the ZKS SPD KSU consisting of:
Platonenko V.A., Kuzmuk V.V.

Skill 1. Sampling the proposed odor thing

Under the proposed odor thing, an odor carrier is assumed to have any source other than food, offered in an open or hidden way (enclosed in a container). On the site, an area of ​​2 square meters. m, in any order at least four items are laid out, one of which has the desired smell.
The object for snuffing is placed at a distance of 3 m, from all sides, from the unfolded objects.
A trainer with a dog is called to the place of sampling. After the judge’s report on readiness for execution, the trainer provides the dog with the desired smell to sniff. Any way of sniffing.
After the dog sniffs the item, the trainer, staying in place, sends the dog to the sample with the command “Sniff!” Or “Look!” The dog should, on the first command of the trainer, approach the objects, smell them and select an object with the desired smell, mark it in any way. Repeated commands are allowed only in case of distraction: dogs from sampling (moving away from the location of objects, sniffing to foreign objects, etc.). After that, the trainer reports “Reception is over” and indicates the selected item.
Two starts are allowed, each time is 2 minutes. If, after the first start time has elapsed, the dog has not selected the desired item, the trainer gives a second chance to sniff the item and sends the dog to the second start. An incorrectly selected item is replaced with a new one with the same smell. In the second tolerance, the errors of the previous tolerance are not taken into account.
A skill is considered to be failed if the dog incorrectly indicates the object (thing) during the second start-up, if the object (thing) is not indicated after 2 minutes at the second start-up, or the trainer directs the dog to the desired object by his actions.

No. Name of violations Number
1 Each repeated command, gesture 1
2 Additional exposure 1
3 Throws, intercepts objects 2
4 Second start 4
5 Other non-distortion skills 1
6 Skill Failure 20

Skill 2. Protection of things and refusal of feed (checked in the complex)

Previously, the protection zone should be designated, with a conditional line in the form of a circle with a radius of 2.5 m. At the direction of the judge, the trainer sets the dog on guard. Putting things in the guard zone and giving a command, he leaves and hides in a shelter located no closer than 10 m from the border of the guard zone.
If the dog leaves the guard zone after leaving the trainer, but before the skill check begins, then at the direction of the judge the trainer must return and repeat the dog’s arming. The trainer has no right to control the dog because of the shelter.
Two attackers, for some time, move near the guard zone, without attracting the attention of the dog and without making attempts to enter the guard zone. Then, approaching the border of the zone, they from different sides throw a piece of goodies (food) to the dog. After this, several attempts are made to enter the security zone and take the item in turn. One of the attempts without fail is carried out in an aggressive manner.
The dog must vigilantly guard and actively defend the thing, not allowing attackers to take possession of the thing and take it outside the protection zone.
After the assistants leave, the trainer returns to the dog at the judge’s signal. The skill check is considered completed after the owner crosses the border of the protected area.
The skill is considered not fulfilled if there are more than three exits of the dog outside the border of the protection zone before its first crossing by the attacker. And also when an attacker takes things out of the protection zone or eating the proposed food.

No. Name of violations Number
1 Oblasts quietly passing not paying attention
the assistant dog but does not attack 3
2 Lack of precautionary behavior at the time of stopping
assistants and subsequent feed 3
3 Gnaws, trepbles or transfers a thing 3
4 Attacks assistants outside the protection zone
with the exit from the protection zone of the item (for each attack) 4
5 Sluggish guard (no grip or strong bite) 4
6 First care for the trainer 4
7 Each exit of the protection zone in the process of struggle with the assistant 2
8 Other non-distorting skills 1
9 Manifestation of passive defensive reaction
at any stage 10
10 Skill Failure 20

Skill 3. Detention

The instructor and the dog go to the designated starting position, and, having unfastened the leash, gives a signal that they are ready to start the exercise. After that, the attacker in the shelter leaves him and advances to the previously designated mark, located at least 10 meters from the starting position. Having reached the mark, he begins to move towards the mark indicating the end of the working zone (detention zone). After that, the instructor takes the dog by the collar, instructs the attacker to “Stop, let the dog go” and sends the dog to detention.

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"Guard-guard service" (applied edition)
The program was prepared by the working committee of the ZKS SPD KSU consisting of: Platonenko V.A., Kuzmuk V.V. Skill 1. Sampling the proposed odor thing Under the proposed odor…


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