В гостях у питомника доберманов "Tahi-Reme"
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Comparison of dogs by quality
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Doberman Performance

An unpleasant precipitate remained after reading the article “His Majesty the Doberman” is a thing of the past “(Zooprays No. 14). We, Dobermanists, were struck by a one-sided look at the breed. Everyone has the right to their opinion on the breed, but we will express our own, based on the facts .

Doberman ….. What image appears before your eyes? The breeds will answer that this is a powerful but elegant dog with a balanced psyche. People far from the breed will present the image of a dog with a light skeleton, frantically running and barking at passers-by. It was this image that was in the minds of many people who were far from breed, with whom I had occasion to communicate at exhibitions and in life. It was they who were pleasantly amazed when they saw calm, balanced dogs in the ring, on the street, in the house, with a beautiful powerful bone, but who did not lose their Doberman’s grace!

The breed has changed a lot over the past 15 years thanks to the talents of our Russian breeders, the importation of new non-native producers.

The psyche and exterior of the Doberman has changed dramatically due to the influx of imported blood, which, according to M. Slobodyanik, “does not improve, but only worsens the breed.” Now the pedigrees of our dogs mostly consist of Italian-Dutch blood. Thanks to them, the Doberman today is a dog with a stable psyche, with good “brakes”, a strong bones. From the Dutch (I especially want to note the contribution to the breed of the oldest nursery van Neerlands Stam), the Doberman received a stable nervous system, dryness, strength, excellent working qualities.

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From Italians (nurseries del Citone, di Campovalano, etc.) – beautiful heads, modern type, strong bones. Our Dobermans, of Russian breeding, win at the largest international shows, both at specialty and at shows of all breeds! And they win under world-class judges-pedigrees! Can the competence of these judges be called into question? I will list only some of the victories of Russian Dobermans at the largest specialty show hosted by the International Doberman Club (IDC):

2001, Irinland Zara Zeif – IDC Junior Winner,
2002, S’Lichobor Phantom – IDC Winner, Sant Creal Zico – IDC Junior Winner,
2003, Eria Pro Kimberly Crystal – IDC Winner,
2004, Irinland Zara Zeife – IDC Winner, Modus Ost Eva Euridus – IDC Young Winner, Sant Kral Ornament – Best IDC puppy.

Many Russian dogs were in the top 4. This is a big victory, because about 500 (!) Dobermans were present at the exhibition! This is the recognition of our Russian dogs!

Doberman Our puppies are of great interest to Dobermanists abroad. Many Russian kennels sell puppies to Europe, and not just to amateurs, but to large kennels! Our Dobermans are “appreciated” there! And there are not a few of them, as the author wrote, there are many such dogs! To our, Russian breeding, males come for breeding from abroad, because for them, the exterior is interesting, combinations of the blood of our dogs are interesting (I want to note not Russian blood, but imported, on which the breeding of our dogs is now based).

In part, the author of the article is right, there are “white spots” in the breed that you need to work on (and in which breed they aren’t?), But to write that “all Dobermans” are heavy, rough, raw, inactive and “frozen”, sorry , not true. It is unfortunate that the author was not able to see the beautiful Doberman, combining grace, elegance and power, calm and mobility, excitement. Very sorry. But this is not difficult, you just need to come to a large exhibition (international or monobreed) held in the RKF system, where the population of the city, nearby cities or countries will be presented.

Indeed, now you can meet a Doberman, which is vaguely reminiscent of a Rottweiler, but these are overfed, and therefore sedentary ugly dogs. This is not the fault of the breed or the breeder, this is the fault of the dog owner who wants to bring joy to his pet by presenting him a bowl of delicious and plentiful food. Yes, such a Doberman is unpleasant for the eyes of the breed esthete, and here, of course, breeders among the owners of their “children” should carry out educational work, but even such a fat and overfed, Doberman can stand up for the life and honor of his master, if he has good inborn working qualities! Doberman is a working breed, its purpose is to protect and protect a person! That is what the emphasis is now on breeding. At large specialty shows in Russia, dogs enrolled in the working class and in the champion class must pass the test for testing the psyche and working qualities, which is conducted by reputable ZTP judges from Italy and Germany.

Doberman Have you really, Mr. Slobodyanik, not noticed how the dog in working condition differs from the exhibition? I’m talking about condition, not about type! These are two different things, and, unfortunately, it is very difficult for a dog in working condition to get first place at exhibitions (she gives her good mark.

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