Dog breed doberman
It is traditionally believed that the Doberman is an aggressive and dangerous dog that should be bred as a pet only after serious thought. Especially if you have a family.…

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Leading breed families
Initially, breeding in the group of her descendants (daughters) was carried out according to the principle of working with the family. The role of a good breeder in breeding the…

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The setting of the Doberman ears is a rather painstaking process. To put ears, sometimes it takes a lot of time and patience. Beautiful ears are the pride of the…

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What is going on in the world of Dobermann breeders actually

Good day to all.

I really want to warn you and, perhaps, protect you from the mistake that I once made when buying a puppy. I’ll tell you all about Dobermans.

These are part of the text for those who want to know the background:

So what do you know about dog breeders? Many of you have seen gorgeous, powerful representatives of the Doberman breed. “The muzzle is black and tan. Like fire, my eyes are burning. I fell in love with the Doberman many years ago” … actually, my story began, having fallen in love with this breed, I realized that I would have this particular dog. Knowing nothing, understanding nothing in this area, I studied literature, watched a training video, talked with dog handlers from all over Russia. And then the time came X. I chose a breeder, litter and puppy. I still remember that raging hurricane of emotions in me when I went after him.

At first everything went smoothly, went for training, they wanted to go to big sport. At 4 months, this happened for the first time: Louise nibbled on his instructor during training, for no reason or reason. It is good that the teeth were still puppy – there were no serious injuries.

Then it was repeated at 6 months on a walk, he nibbled me.

The breeder said: “This is normal. Everything is fine! Just beat him, show who the boss is.”

We didn’t beat, we simply pressed him by the withers to the ground, as the leader of the pack does.

Then the first exhibition, the first championships, the surrender of obedience. And your favorite preparation for an IPO. But despite the fact that the dog was constantly engaged in, exactly twice a year, namely in the off-season, he bitten everyone and everything. It happened very strange: For a moment, my eyes were glassy, ​​I walked my teeth over my arm, let go, woke up, realized, was scared, ran away.

Later there was the first knitting. Now I understand what mistake we made then, but then there was only pride in our head for our male dog – he is a producer, a producer of his kennel! His children were also successfully exhibited, but here’s a peculiarity, they also periodically squabbled. We said that this is normal, as the breeder once asserted this to us. But when the first grandchildren of Louise were born and the story with sudden aggression repeated, we began to understand that this is actually abnormal.

We started digging in the literal sense and I’m not joking, but we dug such a bunch of r …. that it becomes vile from all this. It turned out that in the family, Louise has a male, the nicest male that has ever been born, but only with the psyche of the problem – aggressive, outbreaks of unmotivated aggression. All breeders know about this, but do not stop doing inbreeding for this dog. Hence the problems. Only in the pedigree of Louise does he meet 3 times.

Now the gist:

What do breeders hide from you? Very much, I will sign on points.

1. In most cases, the breeder doesn’t give a damn about the breed, the money that you voluntarily carry is important to them.

2. If a marriage is born, it will still be sold as a high-breed puppy. You won’t even know about it. Due to the high% inbreeding of 10 litters, only one is born completely without marriage. In other cases: white spots (They are cut out. I’m not joking, if the spot is more than a five-ruble coin, it is cut out and sewn up. If it’s small, it is plucked out.), Twisted tails (stop), non-toothless (bought without looking), etc. .

3. You will never be told that your dog may be aggressive. Our breeder has told families with young children hundreds of times that puppies will grow up absolutely adequate, although she knew that this was not so. How else? Dogs need to be sold. You won’t explain to them that because of the fact that out of 50 producers, 47 in the genus have at least twice encountered that aggressor, they will not understand, they will refuse.

4. Breeders pursue the beauty of dogs, not the adequacy. Who will buy the ugly Doberman? No one. Which puppy is more expensive than a show class or with an adequate psyche? Therefore, in pursuit of the first places at the exhibitions and the beautiful exterior, the breeders completely forgot about the psyche of dogs. The Shawshy Doberman is nervous and hysterical.

5. All training tests are bought in two accounts. When Louis was 2 years old, the rates were as follows: OKD – 2000 rubles, VN – 2000 rubles, IPO1 – 6000 rubles. Now, probably more expensive.

6. Most of the titles written in the description are fake. For massiveness they attribute everything that is possible and impossible. People picks.

Well, see for yourself what’s best: “Champion of the RKF” or “Champion of RFLS, Champion of RFSS, Champion of OANKOO, Champion of RFOS”. In fact, this is one and the same. But the sucker is not a mammoth – he will not die out.

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