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Doberman. Facts and myths about this breed

Many myths exist around Dobermans about his hysteria and immense anger. And it remains surprising why with all this in all countries fans of this breed are only added. Doberman is statistically the most popular breed in different countries.

Doberman, based on modern standards, is a fairly young breed, since this breed began to form only in the 19th century.

Doberman is one of the first breeds to be named after the founder, who was not a professional dog handler, and a talented self-taught F.L. Dobermann, who lived in the German city of Apold. At his disposal were a butcher’s dog, smooth-haired German pinschers, black-tan Manchester terriers and others, including mestizos. The result was strong, sensitive, strong and courageous dogs, which at first were called “dogs of Louis Dobermann” or “Thuringian pinscher”. Later, the first professional breeder, Otto Geller, proposed calling the dog a Doberman Pinscher. Officially, under this name the dog was recognized in 1898.

To date, FCI member countries support the name “Doberman”, and in the United States this breed of dog is still called (Doberman Pinscher).

In the CIS countries they have known about the breed for a long time. Since the beginning of the 20th century, German kennels have exported dogs to other countries that are designed to carry out police and army service. Gradually, Dobermans gain popularity as a working dog.

By the standard of this breed, the Doberman is a strong, muscular dog of medium size, which, with all its density, has an external noble and graceful appearance. The dog is suitable for use as a service dog, companion and bodyguard in the family.

Doberman gives the impression of a powerful and elegant dog, because with a strong and muscular body the dog has a proud posture, fine lines and temperamental behavior. Doberman is an ideal idea of ​​a dog that has a normal anatomy, without distortions. If the dog’s exterior has flaws that can be hidden with thick hair or a proper haircut, then the Doberman is completely in the palm of your hand, nothing can be reduced or added.

Doberman has a benevolent character in relation to familiar animals and people, extremely devoted to the family, adores children. Doberman temperamental and alert dog. If you teach it correctly, then the working qualities will be at their best and the Doberman will do his job with pleasure.

Doberman needs work, he is the biggest enthusiast in the dog world. He loves to constantly learn something. With full obedience and hard work, the Doberman has a very developed protective and military instinct. Doberman needs contact, he can achieve almost any goal, thanks to his efficiency and enthusiasm.

The fact that the Doberman is inflated and nervous to anger is a true myth. This is an energetic animal that sensitively reacts to what it sees around itself. It is very important in which environment the puppy character is formed. If the family is filled with quarrels, discords and this irritation responds to the dog, periodically interspersed with sugary affection, then the Doberman, when he grows up, will be an unbalanced dog.

If phlegmatic, then you should not start this breed of dog, your preference to be at home on TV, and not to walk with the dog, will not affect the animal in the best way. Doberman, and especially the young one, needs physical activity and active walks, otherwise the dog will be in poor physical shape and will pester you at home with many tricks.

In itself, the Doberman is a very balanced animal, which, if properly educated, will reveal its best sides. Everyone likes communication with a dog, which feels how and when the mood of the owner changes, in its intonation. Doberman treats the owner with reverence, even the shortest separation will be accompanied by violent joy at a meeting.

Doberman is a social and intellectual being, problems can arise if such a dog is taken up by an illiterate person. In this case, there is a risk that the Doberman will become a leader in the family and everyone will suffer from it. The owner will blame the characteristics of the breed, and not his own character, problems will not be avoided. A man will become attached to an animal, he will not be able to part, but the character of the dog and the person’s life are already corrupted.

Doberman can do a lot, this dog will not suit everyone, but will endow the animal with the force of attraction, due to which the number of fans will continue to grow. Dobermans are companion dogs that are distinguished by wisdom and strength. This dog is the pride of its owner, which attracts others and family with its intelligence. Doberman approach to accompany you on travel, where he will be a pleasant and reliable companion. On walks, a dog of the Doberman breed is very vigilant.

Sometimes it will seem to you that the dog is reading your mind, Dobermann breeders about this quality of dogs can tell many stories.

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