Lovers of Dobermans
It is known that any breed is divided into two groups: breeding and user. The East European Shepherd Dog was bred in the USSR in the service dog breeding clubs…

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Preparation of the "exhibition bag"
Given these details, you should choose comfortable shoes (athletic shoes, such as sneakers, non-slip soles) or rubber boots (if the exhibition takes place outdoors in rainy weather); wear a tracksuit…

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Little Doberman at your home
It happened! Finally, you have already decided on the breed and decided to stay on the Doberman. Well, a great choice, especially if you live in a spacious apartment or,…

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and if she walks

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Dog owner training

When at least one exceptional dog is present in the ring, surpassing in all respects the best representatives of one generation, judges can significantly underestimate the ratings of other dogs (even if they were previously rated quite high), but this should not be a reason for scandal: against the background of the best, even good fades.
In addition, from exhibition to exhibition, dogs can have a different “shape”, and handlers can show them to the judges better or worse; it should also be remembered that each expert interprets the standard in his own way, attaching great importance to one or another characteristic as the same musical score is interpreted differently by different performers, although they all scrupulously follow the instructions of the composer.

One should not be surprised at the different evaluations of the dog at various exhibitions: a high rating at one exhibition can be called into question at the next, and this is precisely the interest in participating in exhibitions again and again. If the result were predetermined, there would be no reason to visit the exhibition more than once. Continue reading


How it all started
Hmm … I don’t even know where to start.
I wrote and laughed out loud. It would be trivial and wrong to write right away that the Doberman is the best dog the best dog of all breeds in the world, because for each owner his dog is the best and cannot be otherwise. But for me and my family this is exactly so. Doberman is beyond any competition.
How did it all start? It all started with the fact that the daughter was presented with a sum of money for the new year, for which she could choose and buy herself a gift. She decided to buy a kitten. They chose a breed, went to watch, wonderful gray fluffy British, but … no emotions. None of the family members. We looked, stroked and refused. And then the donated amount remained, having settled in the daughter’s piggy bank, accumulated and accumulated, and one fine day we thought and decided to buy a dog. So, a sharp transition – we ourselves are still surprised. They began to choose a breed, and it happened (later there will be many events that I will directly or indirectly point specifically to the Doberman and to a specific puppy), that our choice settled on the Doberman. Continue reading

His Majesty – Doberman!

The name of the breed alone evokes a feeling of awe, respect and admiration. Beauty, grace, fearlessness, vigilance, courage – with these words, for sure, any owner of a wonderful Doberman breed characterizes his pet. The nature of the Doberman is peculiar. All about the Doberman breed can be read below.

A strong, powerful, elegant dog with a glossy, short, tight-fitting coat, a straight, as if a stretched back, muscular paws, a chiseled head, a slender neck and expressive dark eyes, this is how you can briefly describe this magnificent breed. The Doberman dog has a very energetic, lively character, he instantly responds to the call of the owner, no matter which – joyful or anxious, likes to be in the know about all the events. People who do not know this breed well can say that the Doberman is a nervous dog.

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Not every breed is honored to be named after its creator. Friedrich Louis Dobermann was born on January 2, 1834 in Apold. It is known that by the nature of…


Doberman character Doberman is friendly towards familiar people and animals, very devoted to the family and loves children. He is temperamental and alert. A properly trained dog demonstrates high working…


Doberman breed standard
General appearance and character. A dog of the Doberman breed should be medium in size, muscular and strong physique, but not too massive. Thanks to the elegant lines of his…


"General training course"
The rules of the competition for the course ."General Training Course" (OKD)General Provisions.Tests for OKD are carried out at the training site with a natural surface equipped with the necessary…