Caring for an old Doberman
Make the life of your old Doberman as carefree as possible, while very little is required of you - sufficient quantity and quality of food, comfort, warmth and company. Vision.…

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What is going on in the world of Dobermann breeders actually
Good day to all. I really want to warn you and, perhaps, protect you from the mistake that I once made when buying a puppy. I’ll tell you all about…

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Little Doberman at your home
It happened! Finally, you have already decided on the breed and decided to stay on the Doberman. Well, a great choice, especially if you live in a spacious apartment or,…

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Dogs of this breed

Doberman. Facts and myths about this breed

Many myths exist around Dobermans about his hysteria and immense anger. And it remains surprising why with all this in all countries fans of this breed are only added. Doberman is statistically the most popular breed in different countries.

Doberman, based on modern standards, is a fairly young breed, since this breed began to form only in the 19th century.

Doberman is one of the first breeds to be named after the founder, who was not a professional dog handler, and a talented self-taught F.L. Dobermann, who lived in the German city of Apold. At his disposal were a butcher’s dog, smooth-haired German pinschers, black-tan Manchester terriers and others, including mestizos. The result was strong, sensitive, strong and courageous dogs, which at first were called “dogs of Louis Dobermann” or “Thuringian pinscher”. Later, the first professional breeder, Otto Geller, proposed calling the dog a Doberman Pinscher. Officially, under this name the dog was recognized in 1898.

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White Doberman: is it worth chasing exotic?

White Doberman: is it worth chasing exotic?
A rare white Doberman with blue eyes, a devoted character and absolute fearlessness … An excellent description for lovers of strict serious and unique dogs. But which of this is true, and which is only what we want, which we want to consider real? Let’s get it right.

By standards, Dobermans recognize black or dark brown color. White or cream individuals are actually sick with a rare genetic disease – albinism. The first dog with this color appeared in 1976 in the United States with ordinary parents. It was a bitch. When she grew up, she was crossed with a male of a standard color, and the puppies that were born went into the father, as the albinism gene is recessive. Then the white female was crossed again, but with her son, the bearer of this trait. It was from this pair that the Dobermans of unusual color went.

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Beginning of education and training Doberman

The first is perseverance and gradualness.
Having said something, you need to get the puppy to do it. Worst of all from the point of view of education is inconsistency in requirements. Suppose your little charming Doberman so funny asks for something tasty when you dine, that all members of the family no, no, and give him something. Finally, you firmly decide to “stop this disgrace.” At first everyone behaves, as agreed, but for some reason the puppy does not believe in your firmness. He continues his attempts to beg for something with a vengeance, until someone, unable to stand it, pokes him a piece.
Thus, a negative connection is established between the word “no”, perseverance and reward. From your point of view, you may have taken a step forward, as gave the puppy not ten pieces, but only one. From the dog’s point of view, the opposite is true: if you stubbornly ignore commands, you can always achieve your goal. It turns out that you have encouraged behavior that you yourself consider unacceptable.

Rule two – endless patience. You explained to the puppy what to do and how, and he continues to behave in his own way. Well, then you need to achieve your goal, repeating the exercise over and over again. Continue reading

Doberman breed standard
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Species of Dobermans and similar breeds
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